Wrought Iron Headboards – headboard plans

There are so many different types of beds for kids on the market today that it may be difficult to choose. When I was looking for plans for a do-it-yourself woodworking project, I found these 5 different types to be practical and creative.

Comfort-If you spend a lot of time reading or relaxing in bed there are other things to consider apart from the appearance of your headboard. If you use your bed for sleeping only you will not require a cushioned headboard but if you plan to browse the internet, read or watch television you may wish to use your headboard as a back and head rest. Upholstered headboards are ideal for people who require comfort and there a number of colours and designs available.

One thing that you should remember is that the king headboards will usually be a little bit larger than the bed. However, you will still be able to look for this bed headboard that follow the standard size and specification as you require. The development of the bed headboard also offers a wide possibility for every user to change and customize their king size headboards according to their exquisite taste and desire.

And of course, in terms of organization, headboards are very good at it. You could find some headboards even having drawers where you would be able to keep important stuff. You no longer need to add bulky room furniture because everything you need could be found in your wall mounted headboard. Clutter would be minimized because your thing will be more organized by using the storage spaces in the headboard.

Not many people own wrought iron headboards, so if you’re looking to be unique with your bedroom design then that is definitely one way to go. You can also buy other bended iron pieces to complement your bedroom ensemble. Remember, however, that bended iron doesn’t go well with everything, so you may want to closely examine your bedroom before rushing out to buy such a headboard.

Walmart is a great place to pick up furniture at a reduced price. While they don’t typically stock a full line of bedroom furniture in store, you may be surprised at what they offer online. Some of their prices on cheap headboards even rival that of Amazon and eBay. Wouldn’t you rather pay less price for something brand new than pay more for something used? So, if you were planning to head straight over to Amazon or eBay, then I’d do a quick check at Walmart to see if they have what you want at the same or a better price.

Another way to personalize your bedroom furniture is to add some storage to it. Bookcase headboards are fantastic because they allow you plenty of room to store pictures, knick knacks and collections. Wood, metal or other materials can be used. Bookcases can be purchased, shelves can be added next to the bed or you can purchase one with a bookcase already built into it. Personalize it with your own individual touches.

Let’s get out there and go crazy, though. If you are planning to make your own furniture, there are many materials you can use.


Wrought iron in itself is a pretty cool material. You might think that it’s just normal everyday metal, but you would be wrong. Wrought iron, or bended iron, is the same steel alloy that’s used to make knives, swords, and armor. Pretty cool, huh? If that alone doesn’t make wrought iron headboards cool, then I don’t know how else to impress you.