Three Easy Paper Halloween Crafts – Halloween Crafts

Have fun and safe money with Halloween craft ideas

Paper plates are one of the most versatile easy paper Halloween crafts. Any Halloween decoration with a circular shape like a wreath or a pumpkin could be made out of paper plates. Aside from decorations, a variety of homemade masks can be made out of them like a witch mask.

Here are some fun ways to add to your Halloween craft.

Another cute craft ideas is to take pots or planters, paint them orange, and turn them upside down. Once you do that you simply paint them with the face of a Jack-o-lantern! Place a twig through the hole in the pot for a “stem” and you have an adorable Jack-o-lantern that will never spoil or go bad! These are great for porches, outside steps and decor for the front yard.

Similarly, there are several other Halloween crafts for kids that could result in frightening puppets, skeletons, picture frames, door hangers, cups, hats, and many, many more creative items that could please kids and adults alike. You can easily visit the internet to find out about such ideas that would enable you to spend some quality time with your kids while creating works of art from easily available material.

Using apples, you can make dried, shrunken heads. Peel the apples and coat with a mixture of lemon juice and salt to prevent browning. Carve out a face of eyes, nose and mouth. Do not worry about the finer details as they will probably be lost when the apple dries. You can use whole cloves for the eyes and rice grains for the teeth. Let the apples sit out in a warm place for about 2 weeks. If you don’t have 2 weeks, you can speed up the drying by putting them into an oven on the lowest temperature for about 45 minutes and then to dry out naturally for the next 2 days or so. Once dried, they shrink and deform into weird and scary looking faces.

Stick a third strip of crepe to the back of the ball again. Do the same with the other two strips but this time, the crepe should be placed diagonally. Stick a fourth strip going in the opposite direction. Gather the remaining strips and continue sticking horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

My favorite Halloween craft to start off is to make a Jack-o-lantern! Jack-o-laterns are a great way to let your creativity shine. Everything from a simple face of triangle eyes and a smiley face, to an elaborate picture of a spider in a web can be completed with the use of a pumpkin and a carving knife! One you have carved the pumpkin, simply fill with a tea light candle and you have a beautiful Halloween decoration.

Another great craft idea we used last year was spider eggs! All you need to make these is some eggs, some paint, and those little black spiders you can find at the dollar store, craft store, or even the toy section of Walmart or Target. You simply want to paint a portion of the egg to make it looked cracked where the spider has emerged. Then you simply want to glue the spider to the egg and you have a scary and cute hatchling!