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For installing base cabinets you must locate the highest point on the floor. The back of the base cabinets must be at the same height and level with the front. If the highest point of the floor is near the wall then the front of the cabinets must be elevated with the help of shims. If the highest point on the floor is away from the wall then the back of the cabinets must be elevated to the same height.

Step 3

Custom cabinets are specifically designed, manufactured and installed for you.

There are different tiers on purchasing cabinets too. You save money by assembling pre-cut parts from the manufacturer. Since cabinets will be the focal point of your kitchen, you may prefer to have assembled cabinets that are installed by the dealer. The following descriptions will help you make this decision.

But don’t worry, a solution can be had for all cabinet spaces- as long as you remember to measure properly. Why the emphasis on measurements? Consider the consequences of inaccurate measuring- crookedly hung cabinets, improperly cabinet doors that don’t open properly, or worse, you purchased your kitchen cabinets online and now cannot obtain a refund.

Shims and levels are used for positioning as well as leveling the cabinets. Before putting the cabinet in place you must check and ensure that the cabinets are aligned without any mistakes or errors. They must be perfectly aligned with the line scribed on the wall previously. You can use shims for raising the base cabinets. Shims are placed over the studs whenever it is necessary to adjust the cabinet.

Once your new are finished you can mount them on the cabinets, make any final adjustment to the hinges for a perfect fit, install the drawer boxes and your project is complete.

You must draw a straight line on the wall to mark the top of the base cabinets. This will help you to identify the exact height of all the base cabinets so that the countertop of all the cabinets is at the same level.

Find a room in your house or the basement to assemble them. Make sure that once these cabinets are assembled that you can still get them through the door and back into the kitchen. When they are assembled, they are going to be big, bulky items to move around. You’re going to need several people to move them too.

The last step is to install the entire remaining fixtures like doors, drawers, partition, shelves and hardware. Pivots or the hinges can be concealed or covered depending on the style of cabinets.