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If you’re just starting or are a woodworking pro, you still need easy woodworking plans. Sometimes, we can’t find just the piece of furniture that we’re looking for. If we do, we just gasp at how much it costs.

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Now you’ve got your woodworking plan, you have planned out your project and have all your shopping lists. What are you waiting for? Go buy your woodworking materials and get started making your first woodworking project!

Ideal woodworking plans for kids are the types that would be easy to understand. Even adults can have difficulty following instructions, and if you, yourself have problems understanding it, it definitely mean it’s not good for your kids. Woodworking plans for kids should also have large and easy-to-identify images to easily guide them through the procedures.

Lastly, and this is my favorite: you could get an online, follow-my-step, new comer woodworking guides plans from an accomplished woodworker who understands the challenges of a beginner woodworker and will likewise provide you with the basic steps to help you shorten your learning curve and commence your exciting woodworking activities. Getting the right guidance and plans (early!) can make the difference between succeeding or getting frustrated in your woodworking dreams.

On a personal note, I have recently built myself a pergola at my house and considering the trouble it gave me. I wished I had known about Ted’s plans before I had pergola plans drawn by a so called expert. This would have saved me a great deal of pain, suffering and money.

Being a beginner, you should not yet attempt to create your own woodworking plans. Instead, work on improving your proficiency. After you have completed several progressively complex projects and you have mastered the basics of woodworking, then you can give woodworking design a try. For now, focus on the basic techniques.

Remember, fantastic woodworking results start with the best woodworking project ideas and the clearest, most thorough plans!

Ted’s Woodworking, what is it and what’s it all about?

Below I present a review of Ted’s Woodworking plans offering over 16,000 plans.