Chicken House Plans

Drawing up your own chicken house plans sounds simple enough, until you get to the detail that is. As they say the devil is in the detail.

I am just a ordinary chap and thought it would be a simple and cost effective project to design and build my own chicken coop. But alas the more I investigated, the more considerations I discovered were needed for the chicken houses.

Designing a chicken house is not to different from designing your own house. You had to consider that the chicken house primary purpose was to:

  1. Protected the chickens from predators.
  2. Provide warmth and shelter from the weather
  3. Provide sufficient space for each chicken, No overcrowding.
  4. The house must have good light and not be dark and gloomy.
  5. No dampness and cold … no dingy cellars.
  6. Provide comfort.
  7. Provide a good place to have a meal.
  8. Easy to keep clean.
  9. Provide easy access for man and chicken.
  10. And so on.

Take the space each chicken requires. Is it 3 or 4 sq. ft. per bird or what?

Old Chicken House PlansNow that’s was just the beginning and I was already in need of an architect, or rather a chicken house architect. I thought there must be books with plans of chicken houses, just like real houses.

I discovered a few, but they were ever so slightly passed their sell by date. Yes that’s right 1903 is a bit out of date in my opinion.

Modern Chicken House PlansI knew that the trusty old Google would solve my problem in the end. I have to say I found a great set of plans. They solved all the riddles around how much space was required and all those other awkward questions that needed answering.

These chicken house planswere really good and could be built from wood using simple tools. Just what I needed.

Well what ya waiting for? Go get your chicken house plans right now and get started!


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