DIY Woodworking Plans – Woodworking Table Plans

Depending on where your requirement fits you can easily decide what kind of a table you want. The next important consideration is whether you should buy the table or just make one for yourself. While buying a table is pretty easy and gets you great quality stuff, it is also expensive; the cost of coffee tables goes up with the kind of materials used and the design the table comes in.

The first thing for you to decide is which design of table will go in your drawing room. There are many designs of tables available to help you out here, for instance a glass top table is best suited for small and medium sized rooms as it gives the room a larger appearance because of its transparency. Tables made out of molds of plastic and metal come in either plain or chic and trendy designs which suit a modern décor. Cedar tables are best suited for living rooms (or any room for that matter) which uses a rustic or traditional setting. You can also have tables made out of rattan which go with a traditional backdrop well.

Okay, the website I’m talking about for wood plans is The reason I like is there are over 2 dozen free woodworking project plans in pdf format with immediate free download. Also, there aren’t any forms to fill out asking for your personal information. You find the plan for the project you are interested in and click on it and open it on your computer no questions asked.

“So Bozo quit leading me on and tell me the name of the site now!”

The final category is made of free plans with kids in mind. Projects include a vintage airplane plan, tabletop hockey game, a tabletop soccer game and finally a free baseball cap rack project. This project is made for the beginning young woodworker in mind. The project is designed to introduce various woodworking skills such as measuring, making square cuts and curved cuts. This free project plan also exposes the beginner woodworker to using the router.

While you may also have a whole lot of options when it comes to materials, there are instances when a certain kind of material will look totally wrong. Anyway, at least the good ones, usually have a list of recommended materials. Find out if those are easily available.

3. A woodworking table plan will tell how big your table will be. Have you ever built (or even bought something) and realized that it just will not fit where you wanted it? That stinks!

The other best option that you have is that you can make a table all by yourself. Contrary to what you are thinking right now, this is actually quite easy and can easily be accomplished along the space of a few hours. All you will need is some good coffee table plans, and the materials and tools to boot. All of this is easily available affordably.


Find a plan that suits your needs. Figure out how much you are willing to spend on the project, and decide if you will need to buy any new tools to get the work done.