Garden Shed Plans – Build Your Own Garden Shed

Garden sheds are the perfect addition to a backyard for any gardening enthusiast. Garden Shed plans are an economical choice for building that new shed, be it for gardening, storage, or for hobbies. There are tons of plans out there, for just about any type of shed. This is going to be your biggest challenge in the whole process (although probably the most fun too), plan selection.

Building you very own garden shed has never been this easy with simple step-by-step instructions. Building your own shed can be great family fun on the weekend and will give your family a great sense of accomplishment.

12,000 Shed Plans and Wood Working Blueprints and Course

Choosing Your Garden Shed Location

Before choosing your location for your garden shed check with local building and zoning department. By calling or visiting your local building and zoning department you can determine a few things about your garden shed project.

Then, the size of your shed also depends on the location where you want to install it. The location is very important; it should be an easily accessible place. It is good to build a garden shed directly on the ground and avoiding any kind of platform, however you can build a thin layer of concrete base as the wooden sheds when placed directly on the ground, they are prone to rotting.

Types of Materials for Garden Shed Building

With so many types of material to choose from, there are several factors you want to bring in. Cost, living area, space and whatever you prefer should be looked at.

A few of the materials to look at include wood, metal and brick. Wooden sheds have the natural look that fits perfectly with a garden. The downside to a wooden shed is the continuous maintenance you have to be cautious of with rotting and splitting wood.

As far as metal goes, these are durable and cheaper than wood. There is a lot you can do with metal giving you far more options as far as design go. However, it will take away from the visual appeal. A metal shed is much duller than a beautiful wood shed.

Brick is another great option to take into consideration. There are a number of beautifully colored bricks that can liven up your garden. Also, bricks are extremely durable and require little maintenance. The downside is brick tends to be much more expensive than wood and metal.

When you have the plan you like it is time to round up the material needed. Most plans come with a material list or you can buy the shed in a kit form. You can buy framework that includes floor and wall framing connected to the roof framing system. Choose the type of exterior finish you want when picking your materials.

Find Out How Much A Garden Shed Should Cost

There are other cost considerations aside from the garden shed plans themselves. How much you can afford to spend on building your garden shed when looking at garden shed plans is vital. The bigger the shed then the more materials will be needed and so the costs of erecting it will increase.

It is possible to find shed plans which range from outhouse to Taj Majal in components and style. Establishing a spending budget will likely be a big guide when deciding on garden shed plans and will help determine size, design and trim. Fortunately there are shed building blueprints which will match just about any budget.