House Plans – house plans

Also, I didn’t start with a blank sheet of paper, instead I downloaded some existing Thai house plans from the Thai Government website (Search for ‘download Thai Government House Plans’) and selected one to use as a starting point for my own Thai house design.

Let’s examine each of these more closely:

Clearly the unit rate for these areas is different and different from the first floor that contains kitchen, bedrooms and other living area.

The simple answer is yes. A set of plans purchased online will range in cost depending on the elaborateness of the plan, the size of the home and the architect who designed it. Some websites charge by the square foot, others use different formula to determine how much to charge for their house plans. In addition, different websites offer different types of plan sets, but this article will discuss those difference later. For the time being it is reasonable to suggest that you would paying about $1,000.00 for plans for an 1,800 square foot home if you purchased them online. To hire an architect would cost much more.

Firstly finding an Architect in Thailand is not easy although I did find an architectural and construction company in Bangkok and I subsequently appointed then to make the construction drawings for my own house – but that is another story.

House plans are a great way to figure out ohow a finished house will look, in addition to providing the construction crew with an idea of how to build. An added benefit of house plans is they allow the homeowner to “see” what their house will look like and eliminate any possible problems before it is built. The actual house plans that are drawn up by the architect will include much more information, but this basic house plan should be fine for getting a home owners idea across.

Know what you’re getting

When using stock plans, you can readily assess whether you can afford to build a specific design. Stock house plans offer a more accurate cost estimate, since most of the details such as the materials list and labor cost estimates have already been laid out by the previous builder. Estimating the total building cost can be very critical in determining your budget requirements and save you from future worries during the actual construction phase of your project!

Storage shed plans are crafted with one thing in mind… space! Why look at storage shed plans unless you are looking to build a structure that will accommodate your need for more space? Most storage shed plans vary in size and structure, depending on what you are looking for. You can literally find a storage shed plan to match any specific requirement. Whether you are looking to store animals, hay, tools, supplies or excess household items, you can usually find a plan to accommodate your needs. Most storage shed plans are in essence “mini versions” of their full house plan cousins. They are small and usually one story, though some (particularly those built for farming considerations) may be two story.

Stock plan or custom plan? When you are planning to build your future home, which of these two is necessarily better?