Mission Furniture and Amish Furniture Styles – amish furniture

Many times, wholesalers are located near each other. It’s an easy prospect to head up to Amish country and make a weekend out of shopping the Amish furniture wholesale stores. It’s even possible to find gifts in these shops. A solid oak napkin holder that would go perfectly in your mother’s kitchen would be easy to find, as would a child-size table and chair set that any child would be delighted to receive from an aunt or grandparent.

Also in Amish stores, you can find readymade pieces of furniture that can be purchased immediately. Once again, you can choose from a wide range of different styles, finishes, wood, and more. From living room furniture sets to kitchen dinette sets and everything in between, you can find any piece of furniture that you desire.

Authentic Amish furniture can be a unique and beautiful addition to any home. It can be perfect for a rustic cabin in the woods or a high-rise penthouse; where the furniture will fit all depends on the style of the workmanship and the type of wood used in the crafting process. Darker woods can easily compliment those with a more modern taste, whereas lighter woods may appeal to the country boy or girl that is alive in so many people.

Top Quality Raw Materials: The Amish generally use wood from slow growing deciduous trees. Hardwood sourced from Oak, walnut, maple, cherry is generally preferred because this is solid durable wood that literally lasts for a lifetime. The wood used is kiln dried, and then prepared; much of it then crafted into Amish custom furniture that precisely conforms to individual needs and requirements. Furniture makers these days typically use ply wood or particle board rather than actual solid wood to make furniture and this is one basic difference that sets apart Amish furniture.

The Mission Furniture Style

Each of the above two firms produces mission furniture that is genuinely made in America by Americans and not imported. It is made by hand and not by robots, and is manufactured using American wood. Simply Amish uses wood grown within 500 miles of the main factory.

When you think of quality and unique, custom-made, heirloom-worthy furniture, does the Amish name come to mind? If it does, then you would be spot-on correct. Amish designed and crafted furniture is some of the finest custom furniture you can purchase today; hands-down! To the Amish, the art of fine furniture making is in their roots. Creating one-of-kind (if desired) pieces of furniture has been woven into the storied history of the Amish craftsman for generations. And it’s a history that continues today. So just what is it about Amish Furniture that makes it so treasured and integral? The answer to that question will be the focus of this article. So grab a chair (Amish, of course) and enjoy the read.

Only traditional jointing techniques are used, and Simply Amish offers a number of traditional Amish furniture styles of which several as described as ‘mission.’ The standard style is very simply upholstered, and many ladder-backed and spindle chairs and couches are not upholstered. Their largest range is the company’s Prairie Mission furniture range with pieces suitable for any room. These tend to be crafted in solid wood, and in the few pieces that are upholstered this is generally by the use of cushions.

• Queen Anne: This style is exactly opposite of the Mission and Shaker styles. It is more traditional in nature and is constructed with visual appeal in mind. It consists of more uniquely carved ornamentation, foot details, and ornate moldings.

If you take the time to closely examine a piece of Amish-made furniture, one of the first things you will notice is the immense pride and craftsmanship that went into building it. Features such as 100% solid wood construction (no cheap veneers here) lovingly joined with the finest rabbet and dovetail joinery; the fine sanding of every minute detail of wood; and the overall strength and integrity of the piece unified with solid screw and glue construction firmly display the Amish way of building furniture. If the incredibly solid manner in which an Amish-made piece of furniture wasn’t enough, another feature of Amish Furniture setting it far and above all other furniture available today is the variety of choices you have in purchasing that unique furnishing for your home.