DIY Cat House Plans

Cat houses will not only prevent your cat from wandering too much, it also serves as a place where your cat is protected and kept warm during those restful nights. This way, you don’t spend so much time looking all over your area wondering where your cat has fallen asleep. Giving your cat a permanent abode is always a good thing.

Building a cat house is different than building a dog house in that cats are most often indoors & also need the ability to jump, sharpen their claws & be agile. Here are some design options and things to consider when choosing your cat house plans.

There are many pre-fab cat houses available on the market but they are expensive & may not fit your tastes. Your cat may have similar feelings. (We all know that cats are not pets, they just agree to tolerate you in exchange for food & warm lodging). These are probably the reasons you are building yours yourself.

There are three general designs available with regards to cat house plans. One is the traditional dog house type, the second is the cat tree type, & the third is a kitty condo made from carpet tubing or molds for concrete pillars. If you are very driven, you can combine elements from just about all 3 styles!

Many of the materials required to construct your own house from a group of cat house plans are extremely inexpensive & the outcome will be better than anything you buy at the pet store. Additionally, you will have the actual satisfaction of knowing you probably did it yourself.

Nearly every set of cat house plans you will get will require carpeting. You should be able to spend less by asking the local carpet seller for their carpet remainders. May times they will simply toss them out in the actual dumpster. You can also buy plywood remainders quite inexpensively in this way at Lowes or Home Depot. You may also get the cores through rolls associated with carpet, most likely for free, to make use of in your kitty tree homes. Another affordable option if you want a larger size tube is really a concrete pouring form for pillars.

Whenever placing carpet on a square or rectangle-shaped piece of plywood, cut it therefore there is about 5 in . of extra length on both sides of the plywood. Place the carpet carpet side down, & center the plywood on the carpet. Trace the actual plywood having a marker, & after that tack the actual down carpeting to the focused plywood having a staple weapon. Now have a utility chef’s knife & cut the square area out of every corner from the carpet. now you can fold carpeting under & add it comfortably to the underside, much like you’d wrap the Christmas existing.

The concrete tubes & carpet roll cores may be used whole. Or even the larger tubes can be cut into 3 equal areas to create curved perches. The bent pieces will need a little more creativeness to cover in carpet, however it can be done.

Plywood rounds may be used to create several stories in the concrete pipe. You can reduce a section from the round to permit the cat entry & use plyboard ramps to connect the levels.

Lastly, you might like to use some sisal or jute string on a few of the round areas to give cat a place in order to sharpen claws. Adding kitty toys positioned on strings in order to strategic locations will keep cat active & lively.

If you are curved on creating a house for the pet, after that, DIY kitty house programs should assist you to do the job nicely and in virtually no time at all. The master plan should assist you to plan as well as prepare all of the materials you’ll need. Furthermore, additionally you avoid the head aches and worries that’s generally associated with creating stuff having a concrete help guide to follow.

In choosing the right cat house plan, you need to make certain it has directions that’s clear enough and simple to put into action. This is especially essential if you happen to be considered a novice contractor. Using this method, it’s not necessary to go through the tedious process of designing your own plans. Keep in mind that, it’s really not worth the work. It can be kind of a trial and error process and you’ll be wasting lots of some time and materials along the way.

Personally, I’ve been using a source to build a cat house for my pet. It has plenty of DIY cat house plans which you can select from. You might want to take a look at this source here:

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