Easy DIY Projects with Scrap Wood and Simple Tools

If you love doing DIY projects, then you’ll love this article. We’re going to show you some easy and exciting projects that you can make with scrap wood and simple tools. These projects are perfect for keeping yourself busy, putting your tools to use, and giving your home a unique touch. Not only are these projects incredibly fun, but they’re also eco-friendly, as you’re giving new life to items that might have ended up in the trash.

Project 1: Test Tube Vase Holder

The first project we’re going to make is a test tube vase holder. This project is fun and easy to create, and it is a beautiful way to display a small bouquet of flowers. You’ll need some scrap wood and simple tools such as a saw, drill, glue, and clamps. The first step is to cut and drill the wood accordingly, following the measurements in the instructions. Once you’ve assembled it, you can place your test tube into the holder and fill it up with water and flowers. This project is great for beginners as it doesn’t require much skill, and the result is both functional and aesthetic.

Project 2: Phone Holder

The second project we’re going to make is a phone holder. This project is perfect for those who are always looking for a place to put their phone. You’ll need a small rectangle piece of plywood, some sandpaper, a saw, and glue. The process is straightforward, and by the end of it, you’ll have a sturdy phone holder that won’t topple over. This project is excellent for those who love to customize their belongings and need a place to put their phone while charging or watching a video.

Win a Completed Project or a Phone Holder!

If you enjoy these projects, you’ll want to take advantage of the competition promoted in this article. You can enter to win one of the completed projects by following the instructions provided on the competition page. Additionally, the video host featured in the instructions is offering one of his hand-made phone holders as a prize for viewers. All you have to do is answer two questions related to the content, like and share the video, and check out more projects on his playlist. Don’t miss out on the chance to win a unique phone holder or a beautiful vase holder made by you or someone else!

In conclusion, these DIY projects are the perfect way to use up your scrap wood, put your tools to use, and create unique and functional items for your home. The step-by-step instructions and tips provided in this article will help you create beautiful test tube vase holders and sturdy phone holders. With minimal costs and easily accessible materials, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try these projects. Plus, the chance to win one of these items is a bonus worth going for!

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